To realise a digital railway system, new digital technologies must be introduced and interact smoothly within the existing system. To ensure this, we implement technologies first in many pilot projects – in the railway sector together with industrial companies, as well as with university and research institutes. In this way, we can gain experience in tests and quickly identify implementation risks. 

In 2021, we will run a highly automated regular rail operation in S-Bahn Hamburg for the first time at the Intelligent Transport Systems World Congress, and show how various new components work together. With further integrated pilot tests, such as the 5G test field in the Ore Mountains, we will test components such as the AI-based Capacity and Traffic Management. In 2025, we aim to put the first project of the Germany-wide rollout of the new technology into operation with the ‘Digital Node Stuttgart’. It combines a large part of the technical components that are necessary for a digital railway system.

Digital S-Bahn Hamburg: first digitally controlled S-Bahn in passenger service

Even more efficient and environmentally friendly through the Hanseatic city

The very pioneering first project of Digital Rail for Germany is ‘Digital S-Bahn Hamburg’. It will ensure that in October 2021, for the first time, digitally controlled S-Bahn trains will...